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Cruz Field Hockey Stick Star Pro Low Bow 70

Cruz Field Hockey Stick Star Pro Low Bow 70

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Introducing the Star Pro model by Cruz, available in the version featuring a combination of 70% carbon fiber and 30% Kevlar. Designed to excel in ball control, dribbling, aerial skills, and drag flicking, this stick offers a unique blend of performance-enhancing materials.

The Star stick provides a winning combination of power, control, and responsiveness. The low curve design ensures excellent ball control, allowing you to execute precise passes, intricate dribbling, and aerial skills with ease.

The carbon fiber component of the stick delivers exceptional power transmission, enabling you to generate explosive shots and passes effortlessly. The addition of Kevlar further enhances the stick's responsiveness, offering a controlled and reliable feel when handling the ball.

The 70% carbon fiber and 30% Kevlar construction of the Star stick result in remarkable durability and resilience. It can withstand the demands of intense gameplay, ensuring its longevity and performance throughout your matches.

Experience the perfect harmony of power, control, and durability with the Star stick, unleash your full potential on the field, confidently executing your skills and dominating the game. Elevate your performance with the Star, the ultimate choice for players seeking a versatile stick that excels in every aspect of the game.

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