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Cruz Field Hockey Stick Revolution Pro Mid Bow 70

Cruz Field Hockey Stick Revolution Pro Mid Bow 70

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Introducing the Revolution Pro model by Cruz, available in its 70% carbon fiber and 30% kevlar blend. This stick combines the best of both worlds, offering a medium curve that provides excellent ball control and precise passing abilities.

The Revolution stick with its unique carbon fiber and kevlar composition revolutionizes your playing experience. The medium curve is carefully designed to strike the perfect balance between maneuverability and control, allowing you to effortlessly handle the ball and execute accurate passes with finesse.

Crafted with a combination of 70% carbon fiber and 30% kevlar, this stick delivers exceptional power and responsiveness. The carbon fiber provides the necessary rigidity and strength, while the kevlar adds resilience and shock absorption, giving your shots and passes an added advantage.

The Revolution stick with its carbon fiber and kevlar blend ensures durability and longevity, capable of withstanding the demands of intense gameplay. It offers consistent performance, match after match, empowering you to take charge on the field.

Experience the perfect fusion of control and power with the Revolution stick, crafted from a 70% carbon fiber and 30% kevlar blend by Cruz. Elevate your game to new heights, dominate the field with precision passes, and unleash your full potential with this exceptional stick. The Revolution is here to redefine your playing experience.

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