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Cruz Field Hockey Stick Phantom Premier Mid Bow 50

Cruz Field Hockey Stick Phantom Premier Mid Bow 50

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Introducing the Phantom Premier model by Cruz, a versatile and affordable option designed for players in lower categories, regardless of their experience level. The Phantom Premier stick features a 50% carbon fiber and fiberglass blend, providing a balanced combination of performance and affordability.

The Phantom Premier stick is engineered to enhance ball control and facilitate precise passing for aspiring players. Its medium curve offers a harmonious balance between maneuverability and control, enabling players to develop their skills and execute accurate passes with confidence.

With its 50% carbon fiber and fiberglass construction, the Phantom Premier stick delivers a satisfying level of power and responsiveness while remaining cost-effective. The carbon fiber component provides rigidity and strength, while the fiberglass adds flexibility and durability, resulting in a versatile and resilient stick.

Built to endure the rigors of training sessions and matches, the Phantom Premier stick offers reliability and longevity. It ensures consistent performance on the field, allowing players in lower categories to focus on their game and enjoy an improved playing experience.

Elevate your performance with the Phantom Premier stick by Cruz. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, this stick is designed to support your growth and development on the field. Experience enhanced ball control, precise passing, and affordability with the Phantom Premier. It's the ideal choice for players seeking a reliable and versatile stick at an accessible price point.

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