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Cruz Field Hockey Stick Elephant Elite Extra Low Bow 100

Cruz Field Hockey Stick Elephant Elite Extra Low Bow 100

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Introducing the Elephant Elite model by Cruz, available in its top of the range version featuring 100% carbon fiber construction. Designed to elevate your game to unprecedented levels, this stick is the epitome of excellence for aerial skills and drag flicking.

The Elephant 100% carbon fiber stick embodies the pinnacle of performance and technological advancement. With its ultra-low curve specifically engineered for aerial maneuvers, it enables you to execute breathtaking skills with remarkable precision and finesse.

Crafted entirely from top-quality carbon fiber, this stick delivers unparalleled power and control. Its 100% carbon fiber composition provides maximum energy transfer, allowing you to unleash explosive shots and passes with ease. Every touch and flick becomes an extension of your skill and determination, as the stick effortlessly responds to your every command.

The Elephant 100% carbon fiber stick represents the ultimate fusion of strength, agility, and durability. Its lightweight yet robust design ensures optimal maneuverability, while the carbon fiber construction guarantees exceptional durability even during the most demanding matches.

Experience the perfect harmony of power and finesse with the Elephant 100% carbon fiber stick by Cruz. Elevate your game to new heights and dominate the field with confidence, knowing you wield the most advanced weapon designed for aerial prowess and drag flicking mastery.

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